MAD Finders acts solely as an impartial intermediary, serving primarily as Finders, to introduce and facilitate the introduction of Buyers and Sellers and private equity placements of senior debt, mezzanine or equity capital financings to facilitate either acquisitions or corporate restructurings.

We are not conventional business brokers or investment bankers. We do not “represent” either the Buyer or the Seller as a fiduciary agent. MAD Finders operates as an Independent Business Transaction Intermediary serving as finders.

Yes, we do not share any confidential information without the appropriate legal documents in place to protect confidentiality and our relationships.
Sometimes we start with the Seller and find the Buyer; sometimes we start with the Buyer and find the Seller. In any event, we facilitate the introduction to the transaction and then, on closing, should there be one, we earn a Finder’s Fee from the Buyer, as well as a Transaction Fee from the Seller, and that’s how we operate.

We provide business owners with our Business Profile Form to fill out so that we have adequate information on their business to begin or we can take the information they provide to put it into our profile sheet.

We provide the buyers we work with a blind/anonymous profile of the opportunity for their consideration and if they are interested, the buyer prospects are then introduced to you so that they can discuss the possibilities of a mutually satisfactory deal with you. At that time you can get the appropriate Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality and Non-Circumvention Agreements in place with the buyer prospect in order to protect confidentiality.

As the business seller, you maintain strict control of disclosure of any confidential information and the delivery of information to the buyer prospect. You are aware at all times of what the buyer prospect has received and kept apprised of their level of interest and where things stand in any discussions or negotiations.

Our fees, which are success-based and generally below industry standard at 2-3% are paid by both our sellers and our buyers. Retainers and fees for additional services such as Target Search Campaigns and Video Walk-throughs may be applied against our finder fee on closing.
A Target Search Campaign is an exclusive service of MAD Finders that provides detailed strategic research and business intelligence to middle market private business owners, private equity investors and corporate development executives. MAD Finders assists by locating and qualifying potential buyer or seller candidates for an economical fixed fee with no commitment required by the Client to buy, sell or invest.

Each Target Search Campaign is independently quoted and governed by a specific letter of engagement which affords the Client a fixed fee and the protection of strict confidentiality.

Sell-Side: Finding the Right Buyer Candidates

Using specific criteria provided by the Client, MAD Finders conducts an extensive search to identify likely buyer candidates and their previous acquisition histories. The search executed by MAD Finders is presented to the Client in an easy to follow format that details the relevant data, to provide the Client with the most accurate and useful information possible. MAD Finders seeks to understand thoroughly the Client’s business, operations and sale objectives. MAD Finders can also identify potential non-conventional acquirers who may be seeking acquisitions as part of a geographical diversification or platform strategy. Potential buyers may include both corporate strategic and private equity firms committed to specific sectors. Efforts are focused on qualifying target candidates that have a high strategic fit in order to present management with alternative candidates. Our research may also be activated before or during an existing process as an additional management tool, to ensure that all of the potential buyers have been identified and are being pursued by their broker, investment banker or adviser.

Buy-Side: Finding the Right Acquisition Targets

MAD Finders offers a global search that targets potential strategic acquisition opportunities for private equity firms and corporate development executives. These targets may be non-conforming subsidiaries, divisions, brands, assets or product lines. MAD Finders can be helpful in searching for follow-on acquisitions for portfolio companies and corporate subsidiaries. Once provided with specific criteria for its acquisition objectives, MAD Finders commences a dedicated search utilizing multiple databases containing information on thousands of companies and private investment firms globally. Some of the key criteria applied in our searches include:
Each search is tailored to the buy-side requirements of the specific Client. Targets are tier ranked and qualified in respect of potential fit with the Client’s specific criteria and acquisition focus.